Our Services


Traditional Aerial & Ground Filming

We work with a broad scope of industries to generate engaging, cinematic footage for video marketing purposes. In addition to our video production capabilities, we provide professional ground filming as well as design and video editing services. As a small independent team, we aim to make aerial filming services affordable to all without compromising on cutting-edge drone technology.

We are a licensed supplier of aerial filming and photographic services with “Permission for aerial work” granted from the C.A.A. Additionally, as specialists in aerial media production, our pilots are BNUC-S qualified and fully insured with public liability.


End to End 360° Production Services

Being a full service 360° / VR creative studio, we create engaging, original 360° experiences with a passion in story-telling. We work from the early creative stages, all the way through to the delivery of the piece across the various platforms such as the Gear VR, Mobile iOS and Androids to online applications.


360°/VR Production

Over many years of experimentation and pushing the boundaries of film-making, we partner with our clients to ensure we achieve the results they are after using this exciting immersive medium. 360° filming is a meticulous process and careful planning of the shoot, before a camera is turned on is paramount. Once we have our client’s vision we can translate this to the film floor, directing and executing the piece. Using our specialise rigs, motion rigs, including drones we are able to capture a fully spherical immersive experience.


360°/VR Post-production

We always shoot videos with the edit in mind but have access to a wide array of software tools that allow us to finesse the film, remove stitch lines, mounting rigs and any parallax issues between the cameras. We can also embed text graphics, videos and images, tracking pixels in the scenes to ensure they appear correctly in the full spherical space.


360°Live Streaming

Sporting Events, Concerts and Music Festivals are a few examples that lend themselves naturally to streaming live 360° footage over SDI and HDMI outputs. We work with our preferred hardware and software partners to bring this incredible LIVE experience to your viewers. We have various options to broadcast the scenes to YouTube, Facebook and Periscope for example, alongside redundancy planning, to ensure the stream delivers. To enhance your broadcast we can also live stream from the air using our specially adapted drone.


360° Aerial Filming

In partnership with our sister company, Birds Eye View Productions, we have the capability to fly our 360° camera rigs into the air, giving our clients the opportunity to add a very unique perspective to their 360 Degree immersive experiences. Furthermore, our studio can add text graphics, videos and images to the aerial clips (as we can to any ground scenes) that will give your viewers additional information as to what they are flying over and seeing.